Why not join us


Here are a few examples of what we get up to, its not all work and no play!


As you have got this far, it is quite possible that you might be interested in joining us so please read on for some information about Rotary that I hope will prove useful. Some people still think that Rotary is an old-fashioned organisation but that could not be further from the truth. Rotary moves with the times and the fact that you have found our website demonstrates this ...we do modern!


Rotary is open to both men and women.


• Rotary ideals are timeless and will remain relevant as long as there is inequality and need, poverty, famine and disease in the world and for as long as there are people who care and wish to address these issues.

• Rotary is a network of “Service Clubs”, each made up of men and women from business and professional life who wish to put something back into society at local, national and international levels.

• Rotary undertakes various forms of fund-raising activities and involves some personal giving from members.

• Monies raised are redirected towards needy and deserving causes within our local community as well as to causes such as global disaster relief and international aid projects such as the Rotary- led programme to eradicate polio throughout the world.

• Rotary clubs are autonomous entities operating within a District, National and International framework.

• Our club is part of District 1240 (Zone 20) within RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland). RIBI is in turn affiliated to RI (Rotary International), our world governing body.

• Chartered in 1930, we are the longest-established club in Thurrock.

• Our current membership of around 40 makes us one of the largest clubs in the District. Nevertheless, we are always on the lookout for suitable, dynamic and well-motivated new members to help to maintain our current activities and to give fresh impetus to the club moving on into the future.


If you are still interested in joining us, then you might like to know a bit more about the club’s activities so please read on -


We raised about £20,000 last year, which helped many deserving causes. A typical example of this was our Charity Golf Day at Orsett with about 100 players raising about £4,000 for worthy local causes.


At Christmas we send Santa around the streets of Thurrock in his Rotary-sponsored sleigh and together with our supermarket collections during December, these two events raise around £12,000 for our Trust Fund. The more keen and active members we have, the easier these fund-raising tasks become.


Without exception, all money raised is donated to worthwhile causes. Money has been given to Barnardo’s, Great Ormond Street Hospital and local children’s charities as well as supporting local good causes.


The club also assists with events such as KidsOut, giving disadvantaged children a fun day at the seaside and organises a number of youth competitions promoting literacy, art, music, photography, public speaking, leadership, technology & cooking supported by local primary & senior schools in Thurrock.


It is not all about fund-raising though; Rotary is enjoyable, not least because it provides members with the chance to build life-long friendships with like-minded people and also offers many opportunities to have fun & enhance your social life.


Our club events include meals out, weekends away both in the UK and elsewhere (including a Tripartite Weekend spent with our linked clubs from Germany and Holland); days out to cricket and other professional sporting events; joining charity fundraisers for events like cycling and walking; an annual “Mystery Trip” where destinations have included Dublin, Berlin, Marrakech, Barcelona, Rome, Oporto, Istanbul and Budapest; And of course fun social events like Quiz Nights and Race Nights.


The club also plays in District sports competitions such as golf, bowls, tennis and even cribbage.

So the possible activities include something for all tastes! Nobody attends all events but there is something available for everyone.


There are also several special interest groups organised by Rotary on a national and international level. Grays members are currently involved in the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians, radio hams and sailing.


OK this sounds good but what is the cost?


There are, naturally, personal costs involved; the annual subscription is currently set at £150. We meet weekly for our luncheon meetings at 1pm on Thursdays (except the 2nd Thursday of the month when we hold our meeting in the evening at 7pm which finishes around 8:30 pm) with meetings usually closing at around 2.30pm and costing £20. We also hold a social meeting in different venues for partners & friends. Further costs of membership will depend on how many social activities you decide to participate in.


We also make a voluntary personal annual donation to the Rotary Trust Fund – average around £125 – on which we claim a tax rebate. This forms the baseline for our annual charitable giving.


I mentioned that Rotary is open to both men and women but how do I find out more?


Before joining the club, prospective members are invited to attend at least three meetings to find out what is going on. There then follows a short informal information meeting with three members of the membership committee to tell you what actually goes on and how Rotary functions. After that, if everybody is in agreement, you will be inducted into the club, will adopt the motto “service above self” and will wear the Rotary badge. At that point, you will also be entitled to visit any one of the 46,000 clubs in the world and will, hopefully, enjoy many years of Rotary fellowship.


If you have read this far, then please make contact with me (or any member of the club) and we can arrange for you to attend a meeting to see for yourself. Please click on my email link on our home page, under "email the club" to send an email to me.


I look forward to making your acquaintance.



Adrian Alsop 

Chairman, Membership Committee

Rotary Club of Grays Thurrock