Posted by Iain Ramsay on May 22, 2017
It’s Ten out of Ten for Thurrock Primary Schools
This year was the fourth annual Mathletics Competition for Thurrock Primary Schools sponsored by The Rotary Club of Grays Thurrock  and organised in partnership with The Gateway Academy Tilbury. Each primary school across the borough was invited to enter a team of their most able mathematicians. Many of these schools held their own in-house competitions to make sure that their most able pupils were selected. Each team of four pupils had to work in an organised way to make sure that they answered all of the questions in an allocated time.
A senior teacher at the event said “Thanks for organising this. It’s a great way to raise the profile of maths across the borough and also a great way to champion our most able pupils. It’s fun and challenging for them”. Its success, from our point of view, can be seen in the pupils’ enthusiasm, application and smiles as well as by the number of schools that take part each year. In another way its success can be calculated by looking at the numbers.
23       Primary schools entered a team
92       Enthusiastic and able pupils
21       Mathematical problems for each team
90       Minutes to answer the questions
36       Adult helpers – teachers, support staff and parents
  4       Rotarian organisers
30       Year 9 students completing a community service task by marking questions
13       Trophies – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and overall
92       Certificates
  1       Master of Ceremonies - Kevin Sadler CEO of Gateway Learning Community
No, the answer to the above is not 402 as that is too obvious. The sum of the above equals an all-round successful event thanks to the support of Thurrock Primary Schools, staff and pupils, and especially the support from the management and staff at the Gateway Academy.
Finally, in case you are wondering, our club did enter a team of four but, once again, we were beaten by a team of 10/11 year olds! We are always astounded by the mathematical ability of these young people.
Report - Rtn Corin Whymark

Try this one….

The school 5-a-side football team is made up of four boys: Alex, Leon, Harry, Samuel, and four girls: Jodie, Zara, Kelsey and Emily.

For the final game of the season, a team of three boys and two girls has to be chosen. Unfortunately Harry will not play if Emily is picked, and Jodie will not play if Leon is picked. In how many ways could a team be chosen for the final game of the season?