As You Like It - As We Like It!


ImageThe 28 lucky thespians who made the trip to Stratford on Avon were fortunate enough to see a fantastic version of Shakespeare's Love Play. Rosalind played here by Pippa Nixon, provides one of the few really challenging lead roles for a woman and the RSC's rising star certainly gave us a performance to remember.

The Peacock in Oxhill once again did us proud on the Friday night serving up traditional food and flagons of ale (well run with the theme!). The Saturday morning spent on the river Avon messing about in boats served to show us how the rich and famous live as we peered up their gardens. And to cap it all, we had a genuinely nice Moroccan meal in town organised by a genuinely untrustworthy type who shopped at Sainsburys!  Ask those who were there for the full facts on that one.

The Stratford Limes Hotel once again looked after our every needs and we thank proprietor, chef, minibus driver and late night barkeeper Lee Rivers for his warm welcome, generosity and attention to detail.