So you are shut away with nothing to do
Well I am going to exercise those brain cells - over the next five days I will post 20 questions each day on different topics and you download the word doc or pdf  from our website homepage - answer the questions and return it to me however you can - The Webmaster - in the contacts list on the homepage if you don't already know my contact details - Sorry but GDPR rules and regs prevent me from giving my email address out publicly.
There is a pdf version in AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS on the homepage also if you cannot use the word doc file  - don't forget - the non Grays Rotary Club members can send them via the contacts list to the Webmaster (almost at the bottom of the list) 
Just a quick run through of the rules to avoid any complications:
I am the Quizmaster therefore:
1. I am right - even if I am wrong I am still right
2. There are no prizes
3. I am still right
4. The answers must get to me by 6pm
5. In case you thought there was room for misunderstanding - no there isn't - I am still right
6. If I can't understand your answers they must be wrong
Where are the questions - scroll down the page to the Download Files on the right hand side of the page and they will magically appear everyday and I will TRY to post the results also as we go along but no promises!
ps when you download any file it usually appears on the bottom left of your screen and you click it to open it - people are telling me it doesn't download - yes it does - you are just not looking for it - most downloads happen like this - this is not my doing! You see you are learning at the same time.