Posted by Iain Ramsay on Apr 12, 2018
Technology Tournament
In March 2018 a remarkable 52 students from Thurrock Secondary Schools took part in the first annual Technology Tournament organised by the Rotary Club of Grays Thurrock in partnership with the South Essex College and the Port of Tilbury. The students worked in teams as they designed and completed a technology based task, which they knew nothing about until they arrived on the day, from materials supplied.
The afternoon tournament was task based and the first task was to come up with a name for their team, produce a design poster and then work on that design. Then they had to produce the vehicle including some soldering of the wires to the electric motor.  
During the session the teams were able to test their vehicles and make modifications before the actual judging took place. The judges were looking for the vehicles to travel in a straight line, how far they travelled and at what speed.
Stewards from the Rotary Club of Grays Thurrock also awarded marks for the way in which each team worked together to tackle the task.  At the end of the afternoon Sunny Bamra, Manager of Engineering at the South Essex College and Steve Payne, President of the Rotary Club of Grays, Thurrock presented the winning teams with their certificates.

Sunny Bamra, with the overall winning team from Hathaway Academy 
to see the tournament video press here