Grays leads the way in European Harmony - and that is a fact!

Across the weekend of May 16/17/18 we entertained and welcomed back our Rotarian friends from Clubs in Iserlohn in Germany and Voorschoten-Leidschendam in Holland.

This was to be the 55th year of this unique partnership.

Friday night saw an array of wonderful home parties cooked up for our guests across the Grays region. With hangovers suitably in check on Saturday morning we escorted our guests to the BBC studios in Portland Place where they had the full tour and some even had chance to practice their newsreading techniques!



President Jorg and Beate Baehrens (Iserlohn), President Brian and Sue Little (Grays), President Ruud and Anke Smitshuysen (Voorschoten-Leidschendam) enjoy a joke at Orsett Golf Club last weekend

We then whisked them across town from the 21st century to St Pauls Cathedral to wonder at the 17th century splendour of Sir Christopher Wren's magnificent building.

After another full tour we retired to Orsett Golf Club for what proved to be a fabulous evening of dining and singing in the company of Georgia, Lily Mae and Isabelle from 'Way Back Now'. Well done girls! The Presidents spoke, wine was consumed and much fellowship was had. Isn't that what Rotary is about?

So after a family breakfast meeting on sunday am at The Park Inn we said our goodbyes and the guest departed for the various airports via the Gibberd Gardens in Harlow on a beautiful May day.

And so ended another great Tripartite weekend.

We wish our foreign friends farewell and a look forward to hosting them again in 2017