The Club will not be deterred by a Virus - Oh No!
We organised a 70's night for the President and a 70's Night WE WILL DO!
But not as you know it
we are VIRTUAL (virtually!)
At the point this news story went live dozens of Rotarians are at this very moment tucking into
Cheese on a stick and Vol au Vents
Prawn Cocktail
Chicken in the Basket
Black Forest Gateaux
accompanied by lashings of Blue Nun and Mateus Rose
Double Diamond or Tartan Bitter (Carlsberg Special Brew for the hard cases)
R Whites lemonade for the non drinkers
Remember the 70's - what a depressing time they were:

It was the decade of strikes, electricity shortages and piles of rotting rubbish on the street.

There was more to the 1970s, such as music, fashion and long, hot summers.

But the industrial unrest had a huge impact.

"I remember one time I had to wait two hours outside a fruit shop just to get some milk!"

"I used to love power cuts. We would have candles and mum made us all Bovril to drink. We would sit around the coal fire and my dad told me fairies lived in it. That kept me entertained for hours. Better than Crackerjack!!"
"Candles... I was about 8/9 during the three-day week. Mum made it sound exciting like the Blitz but it wasn't. Apart from that my abiding memories is of dreariness, decay and depression apart from the summer of 76 of course"
if you want to see what our 70's looked like then click through