Posted by Iain Ramsay on May 11, 2016
Question - How do you go from this?
To this
and then this?
RYLA that's how!
For more information on how to take part please contact our RYLA contact on the home page

Competitors this time included :

14 from 3 Thurrock Schools sponsored by Grays Rotary

4 from 1 Thurrock School sponsored by  Gateway Rotary

1 from Thurrock Sea Cadetssponsored by  Grays Rotary.

2 x Carers Choice from Benfleet Young Carers sponsored by Basildon Rotary

3 from 1 school in Havering sponsored by Havering East Rotary

1 from Benfleet school sponsored by Hadleigh Castle Rotary

Our Southern RYLA heat organised by Grays Thurrock Rotary Club (all clubs along the Estuary from Havering to  Shoeburyness) was held at Grangewaters on 1st May.

  • 26 participants,
  • four activities (Jacobs Ladder, climbing wall, traditional problem solving, raft building).
  • The 26 young people worked in groups but were marked individually by 6 judges and 3 ‘in-house’ instructors.
  • We gave a presentation at the beginning of our day about (a) Rotary, and (b) leadership. Leadership was given a strong focus. We also included a leadership input at the 3 ‘down time’ breaks through the day.
  • Eight participants were able to go onto  the 1240 district weekend event at Danbury on 20th – 22nd May and join those selected from the Central and Northern Rotary areas.
  • All of our participants were presented with a certificate of merit and given individual written feedback about their leadership performance in the form of a letter.