Young Photographer


Calling all young people in Thurrock between 7 and 17 years.


Take part in one of three age groups and have a great chance of doing well in our photography competition.


The 2021-22 theme is “Colours of Nature”.


You’re free to use your imagination and experiment with digital or traditional phones or cameras





Winning Local Heat Winners 2020-21

Senior Winner - Megan McCarthy

The duck-I took this picture because of the reflection and pattern in the water surrounding the bird; I thought it would make an impressive background for the photograph.
The flower- I liked this photo because of how beautiful the dewdrops looked on the leaves.
I took this photo because I liked the way the spider was positioned with the greenery behind it.

Intermediate Winner - Mylie Westlake

The Lake - The mystical lake is covered by enchanted woods reflecting the beauty of something so simple
The Swan - The swan’s beauty is portrayed in the photo I have taken, by capturing the essence of gracefulness
The Duck - The bright colours bounce off the bird’s luscious beak

Junior Winner - Freya McCarthy

Yellow flower and wasp - I took this photo in my nanny and granddads garden in the summer. I love the colour of the flower and I managed to catch a wasp at work on top of the flower. I love the detail in the stem too.
Wagtail - I noticed this beautiful wagtail playing naturally in the water. I thought the colours complement each other well.
Squirrel - This was taken at Lake Meadows park. I went for a winter walk and noticed a squirrel eating. I managed to capture it head on.