Young Photographer


There are 3 age groups in the Rotary Young Photographer competition (7-10, 11-13 and 14-17, as on 31st August 2020).  This year entrants were required to produce a portfolio of 3 photographs based on the theme “Wild Nature”.  We saw some excellent entries this year and it was difficult to decide on our winners but here they are.


All of the entries can be seen in the photo gallery here



Winning Local Heat Winners 2020-21

Senior Winner - Megan McCarthy

The duck-I took this picture because of the reflection and pattern in the water surrounding the bird; I thought it would make an impressive background for the photograph.
The flower- I liked this photo because of how beautiful the dewdrops looked on the leaves.
I took this photo because I liked the way the spider was positioned with the greenery behind it.

Intermediate Winner - Mylie Westlake

The Lake - The mystical lake is covered by enchanted woods reflecting the beauty of something so simple
The Swan - The swan’s beauty is portrayed in the photo I have taken, by capturing the essence of gracefulness
The Duck - The bright colours bounce off the bird’s luscious beak

Junior Winner - Freya McCarthy

Yellow flower and wasp - I took this photo in my nanny and granddads garden in the summer. I love the colour of the flower and I managed to catch a wasp at work on top of the flower. I love the detail in the stem too.
Wagtail - I noticed this beautiful wagtail playing naturally in the water. I thought the colours complement each other well.
Squirrel - This was taken at Lake Meadows park. I went for a winter walk and noticed a squirrel eating. I managed to capture it head on.