Posted by iain ramsay on Jun 12, 2019
Kidz Out 2019 and it rained and it rained and it rained! But rain will never ruin their day!
While everybody else holds on for dear life there is always one in every crowd!
The disco was flooded out so the kids couldn't use it; they had to eat under cover so that the doughnuts didn't go soggy; they wore raincoats so we couldn't then see their red identification t-shirts (provided by the Club) but did all this dampen the spirits? No way - despite the weather the 120 students and staff from Treetops School - sponsored by the Club - had a fabulous (if soggy) time down in not so sunny Southend for the annual Kidz Out play day. Thanks to the organisers - Thorpe Bay Rotary Club - and all the staff and wonderful carers who helped make such a great day out for those children.
 2 wet souls
1 brave soul
2 cheeky souls
2 souls deep in conversation
the Royal Box
who is holding whose hand?
how much more rain?
keep your eye on the road!
checking he is still there!
concentrate on the middle pole!
hold on tight to your dreams!
it's magic!
so how fast does this thing go?
the coach journey down was very bumpy!
friends stick together
you will break that bar in a minute!
did you here the one about the Rotarian and the doughnut?
Cheers Now - Bye Bye!